Cardano Announces A New Meetup For September 22

The Cardano community dropped an exciting announcement on their social media account.

You can check out their tweet below.

It’s been also revealed that the aim of this group is to meet new enthusiasts in the DC area who are sharing a passion for Cardano and to explore new ideas.

According to the official notes:

“Exciting planned roadmap developments for 2020 include:
– Shelley mainnet (transition to full decentralization with staking rewards)
– Smart contracts w/ Plutus and Marlowe (domain specific languages
– Sidechains (further scalability solutions)
– Treasury System (protocol governance w/ improvement proposal and voting process)
– Exciting commercialization opportunities, use cases, and pilots underway.”

Check out more details here.

Cardano in the news

In other news, Cardano made the team excited with their latest announcement on their Twitter account.

Check it out below- they have a new important member in the team.

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