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Brave Browser, built over Google Chromium Project, has added a feature that allows people to donate BAT tokens to Twitter, YouTube and Twitch users for their content. This, according to The Next Web, May 24, 2019.

Tip Anyone on the Web

The Brave Browser is widely known in the crypto community for its in-built ad-blockers and privacy features. The Browser is also well-recognized for the recently released feature that rewards users in BAT tokens for watching ads.

In a new upgrade to the Brave Rewards system, the team has added a feature that lets Twitter users tip other Twitter users in BAT tokens. On visiting Twitter on the desktop version of Brave Browser, users can now find a tip button beside every tweet, which they can use to send direct tips to authors who have set a Brave Rewards account.

In the case a user doesn’t have an account with Brave, the tip would be held in the donator’s browser for the next 90 days while the receiver sets up an account to accept the tip. Post 90 days, if the account isn’t created, the tip will be returned to the tipper’s wallet.

The same tipping system is live on Brave Browser and facilitates donations to YouTube and Twitch content creators according to Brave’s official website highlights.

On April 29, 2019, BTCManager reported that Brave had crossed 100,000 verified publishers who accepted Basic Attention Token (BAT) for payments or donations. As of January 05, 2019, the numbers were closer to 28,000. This marks a commendable growth for the privacy-focused browser.

Another notable achievement for Brave was being set as the default browser on HTC’s blockchain mobile phone Exodus.

As Internet users become more aware of their data and privacy, Brave browser is seeing a surge in the number of users. They reported 5.5 million active monthly users in January. Another benefit of using Brave is its speed. Though built over the Chromium project, the browser is faster than Google Chrome due to its on-site ad-blockers, which make website rendering smoother.

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