Blockchain to be used in Russian polls for secure voting

Russia plans to secure the next presidential election with the help of blockchain technology. This will provide protection against the rigging of votes and hacking. It will also be convenient for the citizens.

The blockchain technology has already been used in the elections in Russia but not for voting in this year’s presidential elections. VTSIOM, Russia’s public opinion research center had used blockchain to track exit polls. Although blockchain was not used in the main elections, VTSIOM claims that it prevented any external changes to the collected data, decreased the effectiveness of hack and ensured the transparency of the data aggregation and collection.

Russia is not the first country to use blockchain technology for securing elections. West Virginia has teamed up with a Boston originated technology startup Voatz to provide ease to out-of-state military voters along with their spouses so that they can have a hassle-free election and can vote from compatible Android or Apple mobile phones via blockchain app.

Ella Pamfilova, the Head of Russia’s Central Election Commission says,

“I will discuss this issue with the President. There is a public demand for it. We have refurbished everything we could before the latest election, but now as the election is over, we have to act preemptively. I want to make a system that has no analogue, a system based on blockchain. This is my ambition.”

There have been a lot of reports regarding the U.S Presidential election being influenced by a lot of factors ranging from celebrities to Russia to US-based analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica. All these factors are being held responsible for Donald Trump’s triumph. To avoid a crisis like these from taking place a lot of countries are turning towards blockchain technology.

Peter Grodny, a cryptocurrency investor says,

“This was eventually going to happen. Blockchain is going to be implemented in every industry. It’s going to be the ultimate technology. Its not a joke when everyone in the space says it’s going to be revolution. It’s not all about Bitcoin or Ethereum, it’s about the tech”

According to Pamfilova, this system will be free from cyber hacking and will be easy to understand. This system will prevent fraud as one person will be allowed to vote only once.

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