Bitfinex Adds 12 Tokens to Crypto Trading Roster

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex added 12 new tokens last week, among them Aion, IOSToken, and Loopring.

Crypto exchange Bitfinex announced on Saturday it was adding 12 tokens to its trading platform. The new arrivals are Aion (AION), IOSToken (IOST), Request Network (REQ), Raiden Network (RDN), Loopring (LRC), BnkToTheFuture Token (BFT), (CFI), WAX (WAX), SingularityNET (AGI), MedicalChain (MTN), ODEM (ODEM) and Dai (DAI). All of the tokens have been available for trade as of April 7.

The combined market cap of the 12 tokens is about $1.1 billion. Jean-Louis van der Velde, CEO of Bitfinex, commented:

“The introduction of such a large selection of tokens, representing a diverse array of blockchain-based projects, marks an exciting development for Bitfinex. We are proud to introduce these tokens as we believe that each serves to strengthen and enliven a unique aspect of the global blockchain ecosystem, and will offer new and exciting trading options for our users.”

The same 12 tokens were added to Ethereum-based trading platform Ethfinex, suggesting that all of them are based on the ERC20 standard.

IOStoken, Loopring, and Aion are found in the 50th, 51st, and 52nd places, respectively, on the Coinmarketcap list. The rest of the tokens rank lower, with BFT beyond the 1,000th place as there is no market cap figure displayed for it. The combined market capitalization of IOST, LRC, and AION accounts for about 70% of the total market cap of the newly listed tokens.

IOST, LRC, and AION are currently all listed on Binance, with IOST and LRC also listed on OKEx.

Loopring provides a decentralized exchange and open protocol. The project is allegedly backed by Qtum Foundation and NEO Council, among others.
IOST provides Internet of Services (IoS) solutions and offers an infrastructure for Internet service providers.

AION is a blockchain system meant to solve issues related to the scalability, privacy, and interoperability of the technology.


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