Bitcoin Price Touches $14000 Mark on Its 12th Birthday!

Bitcoin Just Below $13900 levels

Bitcoin is seemed to be very aggressive on the day when it was first presented to the world back in 2008. Bitcoin price started around $13500, and a sudden push gave the momentum to touch $14000 but slashed below. However, $14000 is not too far considering the present levels.

Currently, Bitcoin price stands at $13,846 with a massive surge of 4.59 percent compared to the previous day. The market sentiments are pretty bullish, with more and more investors jumping in to own BTC before it’s too late. 

Today, 31 October 2020, being the monthly close, it is mandatory for the asset to maintain above $13900 or cross $14000 to increase the bull run pace.

What Is the Need of the Hour!!!

Now, when Bitcoin is retraced back below $14000, what do you think, what should be the prime focus of the whole Bitcoin community to keep up Bitcoin above these levels?

As the price is completely dependant on the demand, the more accumulation may result in the intense pump of the asset before the closing of the month.

Bitcoin has previously been rejected at the doorstep of $10,000 $11,000 and $12,000 also. But within no time crossed and successfully sustained above the levels.

This is clearly visible in the hourly chart of Bitcoin price that the immense buying led pushed the price above $14,000 and the very next moment, some investors just sold out which pulled back the price below.

Nevertheless, the buying pressure is building on which will ease with the bitcoin bull rally on bitcoin 12th birthday.

At last, Happy 12th Whitepaper Day Bitcoin!!

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