BestMixer lives up to its name Providing one of the best Privacy Services of the Crypto Market

Privacy in crypto transactions has often been a controversial issue; However, having the right to choose how much information we want to make public is an inherent right of almost every democratic society around the world.

Scandals such as the Cambridge Analytica crisis have made people think about the extent to which it is appropriate to allow third parties to know the most private aspects of their lives. Economic transactions are one example, and the need for a bitcoin mixer becomes essential in modern times for those who value privacy and confidentiality.

While the main argument against services such as a Bitcoin Mixer may be the presumption that anyone defending privacy is endorsing criminal activities, there is also no denying that the power to decide is something that users, as active participants in society, have the right to exercise. Everyone should have the power to choose how they want their economic transactions to be settled in a mechanism as transparent and immutable as a blockchain.

One of the best solutions to the blockchain privacy problem is BestMixer: a service that is promoted as the best Bitcoin Tumbler on the market and they don’t have any taboo to identify themselves as the bests. They are proud to have enough reasons to guarantee this when compared to other similar platforms out there.

BestMixer is responsible for making crypto transactions untraceable through a service that randomly “mixes” all currencies sent through its platform so that at the end of the trade it is impossible to know the origin of each of the funds.

“The main aim of coin mixing is to break the connection between an address sending coins and the address(es) receiving them. Since the Blockchain records all the cryptocurrency transactions, mixture allows individuals to keep the information about where they store and send their coins private, or where they receive it from.

When you send the coins to us, at, we shuffle them in the pool. After that, you will receive some random coins that are from other depositors; hence, making your coins untraceable because of the different origins.

The speed of this exchange depends directly on the blockchain system’s operational speed and your delivery time settings.”

The team of developers is in constant activity not only programming important updates that permanently improve their services but also in the social networks, interacting with the users, listening to suggestions and clarifying doubts. Few Bitcoin Mixers services have such a level of transparency towards their users.

Another feature that makes one of the best Bitcoin Tumblers on the market is the use of extremely low rates. Just 0.5% of the transaction is a very competitive figure considering the quality of service received; however, as the amount of money that will go through the Bitcoin Mixer service increases, the fees will decrease to minimums of 0.25%.

For those with more technical skills, a Bitcointalk Thread offers some interesting comparisons of the services provided, with exercises that allow people to compare their methods with other similar approaches. However, of the services available, certainly lives up to its name. It’s one of the best Bitcoin Mixers in the ecosystem.

The team has announced important developments for the near future, so it is recommended to follow them on social networks and interact with them in case of any doubt or suggestion.

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