Baidu’s Latest Blockchain Platform Will Serve Photographers

Baidu has released a new blockchain platform called Totem, which it says will help protect photographers from copyright infringement.

  • The Chinese internet giant Baidu, which often draws comparisons to Google, has launched another blockchain platform.

    Totem is billed as a tool to help photographers protect their work against unauthorized use and to connect clients in need of stock photos with images that suit their purposes.

    The system’s offerings include writing copyright information (including a timestamp) to the blockchain for each picture on the platform and creating unique data that refer to every one of those copyrights.

    The platform’s AI components apparently perform a number of tasks. In addition to using image analysis to develop a “picture Tag smart recommendation and image retrieval subsystem” for entities looking to use copyrighted images, it can help monitor pictures that have been used with the copyright owner’s permission and identify instances of unapproved publication.

    Baidu, which became a member of Hyperledger in late 2017, announced in January that it had launched a blockchain-as-a-service platform, atop which other entities can develop solutions relating to digital currency, “insurance management, financial auditing and more.”

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