Backed By Buterin – The Promise Behind Liquidity Network

News of Vitalik Buterin’s endorsement of Liquidity Network has taken the media by storm, rightly so as well. As the co-founder of Ethereum, Buterin is seen with great authority, thats why this endorsement by him is all the more special.

What is Liquidity Network? In short, Liquidity Network aims to solve issues of simplicity, scalability and security within the blockchain, providing a new network through which users can pay and exchange cryptocurrencies in a more simple yet more secure way. People have referred to Liquidity Network as the next generation PayPal. You can read more about it for yourself, here-

This movement understands that in order for mainstream adoption to really take hold, improvements need to be made within the blockchain. Liquidity Network aim to provide this, starting with the Ethereum blockchain and hopefully continuing on to provide solutions to all areas of the crypto-sphere. Fast transaction times, low fees and room for millions of users is a part of a far bigger picture for Liquidity Network and their team.

Crypto Daily are proud to now announce that we will be holding an exclusive interview with Arthur Gervais, a prolific academic whose work within Liquidity Network and through his own academic teachings is helping move the network into the fore of the mainstream adoption debate. You can find out more about Arthur, here-

The interview is set to take place this Wednesday. If you have any questions for Arthur and the team, leave them in the comments and we’ll see what we can do!

It’s an exciting time for the team at Liquidity Network, bolstered by Buterin’s enthusiasm, a man with great expertise and frankly incredible authority on the subject.

With promise to change the face of the blockchain revolution, Liquidity Network is offering a new kind of crypto-experience, one which aims to revolutionise the way we pay and exchange our cryptocurrencies.

Expect a full review of our chat with Arthur soon enough!

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