ARK Debut Developers Conference Scheduled to Start on March 22, 2018

Since ARK ventured into the Blockchain space, it has been doing great things. Now, the ARK team is ready to organize its first developers’ conference in Archamps, France, on March 22, 2018.

The event tagged ARK Con will be held for several days starting from March 22. In attendance will be the entire ARK team, partners of the startup, government officials as well as members of the AMF.

ARK Con is open to the public, however, there are limited tickets available (hundred tickets).

Just recently, ARK added highly reputable marketer, Jeremy Epstein, to its team. Jeremy Epstein is one of the most competent marketers in the blockchain industry. He will be present at the event. One of the many achievements of the ARK team so far is the establishment of SCIC, in France.

The first ARK conference will be organized in commemoration of the startup’s one year anniversary. It promises to be an exciting event as VIPs, economists and brilliant minds from the University of Geneva will all be present.

Attendees will have the chance to speak with the entire ARK team as well as meet high-rank officials from the French and Swiss government and AMF members.

All interested attendees are to reserve their seats and endeavor to be at the event ground from 9:30 am on March 22, 2018.

Address: Archamps Technopole, 92 rue Ada Byron, 74160 Archamps, France.

The Objectives of the ARK Con

The event is held to enable the ARK team and stakeholders discuss the way forward for the project as contained in the roadmap.

In addition, important issues concerning the SCIC business structure will be extensively talked about, as well as matters concerning the promotion of the entire blockchain ecosystem by ARK ambassadors, in order to boost the reputation of France as a blockchain friendly nation.

More About ARK

ARK is determined to create a highly functional blockchain ecosystem for users, developers, and firms. ARK provides a platform that facilitates the creation of blockchain solutions for startups. ARK’s solutions are easy to use and are designed for mass adoption.

ARK is run by highly skilled individuals in various fields and from different geographical locations all over the globe.

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