‘The Matrix’ is getting a reboot – but not all movies from the trilogy are equal

The Matrix in real life?

‘The Future of the Mind’ author Michio Kaku weighs in on brain mapping.

The last time The Matrix hit theatres, Beyoncé had released her first solo album and Jessica Simpson debuted her reailty show with then-husband Nick Lachey.

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Safe to say it's been a while since we last took the red pill.

Like other pop culture hits from the last few decades, “The Matrix” is getting a reboot. While the fourth film is in early development and details are scarce, fans are highly anticipating the new story that’s sixteen years overdue.

Until more is learned or a trailer is released, let’s take a look at how the rest of the films performed in box offices domestically and worldwide.

3. The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

U.S.: $139,313,948


Worldwide: $427,343,298

Although it’s a beloved trilogy, there's always a loser. And since ending a series is always a tough task, the box office considered this a disappointment. It pulled in $139,313,948 at the domestic box office and $427,343,298 worldwide.

Audiences were welcomed to a dystopian world overrun by robots and a harsh virtual reality, it’s up Neo (Keanu Reeves) to save the world, yet again.

2. The Matrix (1999)

U.S.: $171,479,930

Worldwide: $463,517,383

The debut of “The Matrix” was very successful as an introductory sci-fi film. It outperformed the third film in the trilogy by $32,165,982 domestically and $36,174,085 worldwide, but still only remains at second place.

Audiences quickly became fans of an underworld that’s filled with epic fight scenes, mystery and futuristic espionage.

1. The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

U.S.: $281,576,461

Worldwide: $742,128,461

"The Matrix Reloaded" achieved a feat that sequels rarely ever do: beating out the original by a vast margin. It earned $110,096,531 more than its predecessor and a whopping $142,262,513 than its follow up. When compared to the two previous worldwide box office earnings, this film earned over $300 million more.

Audiences follow the iconic trio while they lead a revolt against the Machine Army and use their extraordinary skills and strategic minds in an ultimate fight against oppression and human extinction.


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