State by State Guide to Traveling During the Pandemic

With new daily COVID-19 cases reaching all-time high nationwide and a third surge expected in the fall, some states are re-imposing travel restrictions that were loosened over the summer. Nearly half of U.S. states now have travel restrictions or recommendations for measures that restrict travel within or to the state for visitors or returning residents.

24/7 Tempo reviewed executive orders from state governors, travel advisories, and guidelines from public health and tourism departments to find and list travel restrictions that are in effect in every state.

Some states require that all out-of-state visitors — be it from another state or another country — self-quarantine unless they show proof of a negative coronavirus test, while others have restrictions in place only for visitors or residents returning from cruises or large gatherings. 

Regardless of whether self-quarantine is a must or merely encouraged, physical distancing is a requirement everywhere, including in restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions. Most states have also mandated the use of face coverings (though Mississippi lifted its statewide mask mandate on Oct. 7, the first state to do so). In states that have not made masks a requirement, several cities and counties within those states have.

Each mode of transportation has its own risks, and many people may prefer road trips to avoid being near strangers in an enclosed space. Road trips can be one of the best ways to experience the diversity of the American landscape and visit some of the odd spots each state has to offer — these are the strangest roadside attractions in every state.

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