I learned how to crochet during the pandemic — here are 8 online courses, books, and kits that are perfect for beginners

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  • Like knitting, crocheting boasts many mental health benefits including stress-relief and higher concentration.
  • While slightly more challenging than knitting, crocheting is great for making clothes and 3D projects like stuffed toys.
  • Below are 8 online classes, books, and videos to learn how to crochet.

If your screen time has skyrocketed during the pandemic, you may be searching for a hobby to keep your eyes — and hands — away from your phone. For many, the answer is crafting. Activities like knitting and crocheting are all experiencing a renaissance (especially within the younger generations) as a wholesome, calming and productive way to pass the time.  

Crocheting in particular has hooked itself into pop culture, from Hilary Swank taking up the hobby during the first lockdown to Harry Styles’ legion of TikTok fans recreating his cardigan. And, of course, we can’t forget Bernie’s famous crocheted mittens (which you can make all on your own).

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Crocheting is often compared to knitting, but the main difference is the use of one hook to create small crochet knots instead of two needles. Knitting is slightly easier to pick up as it involves only two stitches: knit and purl. However, crocheting is great for 3D projects like cute stuffed toys. 

With the help of online courses, I’ve picked up both crafts over the past year. I appreciate the challenge of learning a new skill, and I love the sense of satisfaction I get when I unhook the final stitch on a project. 

So if you’re ready to pick up a needle, these 8 crochet courses, books, and kits will help you get started — or take your skills to the next level.

8 online courses, books, and resources to learn how to crochet:

Beginner level: 63 Piece Crochet Kit with Yarn Set (Amazon)

Looking for the ultimate starter pack? This beginner crochet kit has absolutely everything you need to get started: 9 various-sized crochet hooks, 24 acrylic crochet yarn balls, 6 needles, 10 locking stitch markers, 1 thread cutter, and more. Don’t know what any of that stuff is? Don’t fret. There’s a link to download an e-book that teaches basic stitches, fancy stitches, how to change colors, and more.

Beginner level: Crochet Basics Udemy

If you’ve never picked up a crochet hook, this highly rated Udemy course is a great place to start. Offering 2.5 hours of video and downloadable resources, you learn how to make simple designs such as a heart, granny square, triangle, filet blocks, circle, flower, and a spiral shell. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. Plus, as it’s all self-paced, you can review sections at your own speed.

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