ZenSoft and OPEN Partner For Cryptocurrency Acceptance

New alliance to facilitate the software company’s ability to accept cryptocurrencies.

Software development company ZenSoft has entered into a strategic partnership with the OPEN Platform to facilitate the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in its enterprise software development projects.

OPEN, a San Francisco and Toronto based blockchain initiative, provides a comprehensive architecture for integrating blockchain technology into traditional software applications. Technologies such as OPEN’s blockchain Scaffolds, OPEN State transaction receipts and the OPEN API have allowed ZenSoft to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their business processes without the need for implementing all new management tools.

Ken Sangha, CEO of OPEN, said: “We are proud to announce ZenSoft as our first enterprise level customer. They were actively looking for a technology partner that could speed up and simplify their adoption of cryptocurrencies, and our architecture does just that by seamlessly integrating traditional software with the blockchain. ZenSoft is a perfect example of the value our platform delivers.”

David Tolioupov, CEO of ZenSoft, explained “With over 9 million lines of code in production, we understand that having the right tools at our disposal is essential for optimum productivity, so we’ve been looking at blockchain technology for a while now. Thanks to the ease of using the OPEN Platform, we can now accept payments in crypto and provide anonymized development services with little effort on our end. This partnership frees us up to concentrate on what we do best – building outstanding software for our clients.”

ZenSoft aims to be the AWS for development expertise. With over 100 team members distributed around the globe and offices in San Francisco, Minsk, Tel Aviv and Bishkek, the company specializes in leveraging cutting edge tools to make the software development process streamlined and efficient for its clients. “We believe that effective time tracking, communication and transparency are key to building high quality products and meeting deadlines. Development progress is accessible to you at all times via live, daily reporting tools.”

ZenSoft is a 150+ employee technology powerhouse that fuels the backends of some of Silicon Valley’s most notable startups. OPEN’s infrastructure will bolster ZenSoft’s enterprise, building highly scalable apps, through the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments. Thanks to this partnership, ZenSoft’s customers, which range from Fortune 500 companies to small startups, can pay their balance via OPEN’s platform, allowing ZenSoft to provide a service that is not only best in class, but positioned at the forefront of technological innovation.

The OPEN Platform bridges the gap between traditional application developers and the blockchain world. By providing standardized tools that interface the two architectures, developers can realize the benefits of cryptocurrencies without having to retool their applications from the ground up.

More information about Zensoft: www.zensoft.io
More information about OPEN: www.openfuture.io

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