Zaif exchanger users "bought" $ 20 trillion in Bitcoin for free

Due to a failure in the system of the Japanese Zaif crypto-exchanger, customers temporarily got the opportunity to purchase trillions of dollars in Bitcoin for free.

According to the announcement on the exchanger's website, a malfunction in the service allowed users to exchange at a rate of 0 yen per token for 18 minutes. So, seven customers were able to "buy" Bitcoin for free before Zaif managed to cancel all illegal transactions.

Customers received $ 20 trillion in Bitcoin for a pittance

In addition, one of the users tried to sell $ 20 trillion dollars in Bitcoin before the exchange manager managed to solve the problem.

Currently, customers are criticizing Zaif for its low level of performance and lack of support. The difficulties faced by the exchange are caused by the increase in regulatory control caused by the January cracking of the Coincheck exchanger, reports The Cointelegraph.

Earlier it became known that sixteen crypto-exchange exchanges are planning to create self-regulatory association for more effective protection of investors.

Author: Vasilisa Ming, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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