Wild Crypto goes wild by gaining 2000 users earlier this month – Exchange at Cryptopia

Wild Crypto has triggered a revolution in the field of Lottery and E-Gaming by implementing blockchain technology. The company offers weekly lottery and many games which can be played using their crypto token called WILD. The investors and the general public have shown an overwhelming response since the launch of the platform and the organization gained more than 2000 users in a very short span of time.

Wild Crypto was launched only after a successful token sale last year, where the company raised 10,592 Ether. All games played in Wild Crypto requires the use of WILD coins and the coin has been listed to buy and sell on exchanges including Cryptopia. The coin is also available to buy directly from the website of Wild Crypto at a nominal rate of 100 WILD tokens for 1 Ether.

On seeing a positive response from the crowd the CEO of Wild Crypto William Trentini expressed that the management was thrilled to see such a response from the cryptocurrency and gaming fans. He also added that their focus will remain in delivering the best cryptocurrency gaming experience on the market.

He also responded positively when questioned about the global position of the platform stating that their international expansion is just picking up speed, so they expect to see many more players joining the platform in the coming weeks.

The Wild Crypto platform is user-friendly and all that you need to do to play their games online is to sign up with them. That is a three-step process where information like your name, mail id and wallet address will be collected. This information is collected to keep you informed about the results of the games.

Their unique game is Lotto, which is a process of people choosing 8 numbers from 1 to 36 and one bonus number from 1 to 8. The lucky draw will be determined by the blockchain algorithm that has been implemented and will be transparent. At the end of the week, the results will be published on their website. There is an option for you to withdraw the money that you have won as a cash prize.

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