When the whole world is not enough! Discover the unique universe of UnicornGo

Just imagine! 450 million US dollars, that is how much NASA will spend for the launch of its Discovery Program. But that would still not fulfill the dream of space travel for Earth’s citizens. Thankfully, we live in an age of high technology, when every smartphone user can suddenly find themselves in the new blockchain universe UnicornGo.

Galaxy guardians

Here it is. The Promised Land, where fulfillment, abundance and happiness reign. Animals of unprecedented beauty stroll here. Online collectibles game UnicornGo is an invitation to a different blockchain dimension, the main inhabitants of which are unicorns. Today, earthlings can not only find themselves on another planet at the a click of a button, but can also adopt their very own fantasy pet. These surprisingly cute, mythical creatures with the owner’s request can breed offspring, play and enjoy the gifts of nature. But also, they can make their owners richer!

UnicornGo is the first decentralized game with limited in-game resources. Limited issue of the in-game currency CandyCoin guarantees limited resources and enables players to earn using the game. Collect rare types of pets, acquire and sell, accumulate consumables. All this turns the game’s environment into an investable one. Built-in market for crypto assets makes the process of growing your capital comprehensive and transparent.

The science of living

They say that those who change the world, always shine brightest. The blockchain world UnicornGo promises to outshine the competition through technological advantages. Realistic genetics, extended gameplay, popular technologies of augmented reality and neural-control interface, all of this turns UnicornGo into a groundbreaking scientific game.

For example, the genetic model of the game reproduces scientifically accurate crossbreeding, mutation mechanic reproduction. All genetic laboratory activity is handled through smart contracts, which produce complex calculations, for the sake of science. In the future, analytical data which will be collected through the game using the carefree unicorns, will be used for medical discoveries.

The first release of the game will be based on Ethereum and later transferred to a dedicated Universa platform, a promising blockchain protocol. Integration of the Universa platform with planned projects, in the smart city Abu Dhabi, was discussed during the latest World Urban Forum in Malaysia. Two other unique platforms, which will serve as ‘grazing grounds’ for the crypto unicorns, push the limits of what is currently possible. The augmented reality technology IZETEX will allow unicorns to be placed at any geolocation to collect the financial resource CandyCoin. With the help of the second platform, NeuroBasis, it will be possible to control pets with the power of thought. This is a unique opportunity for people suffering from musculoskeletal disorders!

Make a cosmic discovery without leaving your home, the unique blockchain universe UnicornGo. The game is currently in the final stage of the pre-sale. You still have the opportunity to start the game with an advantage. Don’t lose your chance!

The game is set to be released in March 2018 while the pre-sale ends on 28 February.

Join today and together we will transform reality for the better.

Please visit https://unicorngo.io

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