What Is #CryptoTwitter?

The history of Twitter began in March 2006, and 12 years after its creation, two popular themes can be identified, which are worth keeping an eye on. The first is Donald Trump’s statements and the second is the crypto industry. We made a selection of popular Twitter accounts, which you should subscribe to if you wish to remain up to date on the topic of cryptocurrencies.

CZ—Changpeng Zhao

The newsmaker of recent weeks was the Binance exchange, which in less than a year of work became the industry leader, launched its BNB token, successfully coped with the attack of hackers, and planned the creation of its own blockchain. All of the events in the life of the exchange according to its creator, as well as funny verbal exchanges with the all-powerful John McAfee can be read in Changpeng Zhao’s account.

John McAfee

Programmer, founder of the McAfee anti-virus software developer company, and now a fervent fan of the crypto industry. It is on his Twitter that you can find the following statements “I predict one million dollars [the price of 1 BTC] by the end of 2020. And I’m still ready to eat my penis.” He also organized a column on his Twitter called “Cryptocurrency of the Day,” where he told about successful projects, in his opinion. The cryptocurrencies mentioned after publication received explosive growth, for which he received a lot of negativity from the community, and his recommendations are now called pump-signals.


A popular crypto enthusiast, blogger, and trader. He bought his first Bitcoins in January 2014. On his Twitter, you can find comments on all the main crypto events. For example, the most popular was his post against SegWit2X. Together with Charlie Lee (creator of Litecoin), Riccardo Spagni (director of Monero), Samson Mow (former BTCC operational director), he makes YouTube releases of Magical Crypto Friends, where the main problems of the crypto industry are discussed.

Jameson Lopp

A well-known developer of Bitcoin Core, who recently left the BitGo blockchain security startup and joined the development of the ambitious Casa wallet, which positions itself as the “best private key system on the planet.” On his Twitter, you can find recommendations on what to read for developers of blockchain applications and how to secure the holders of cryptocurrencies, for example, learning how to use firearms.

Nathaniel Popper

He writes about technology and finance for The New York Times. He became interested in cryptocurrencies in the process of working on an article about the Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, and their investments in Bitcoin. Later he wrote the book “Digital Gold: The Untold Story of Bitcoin.” On Twitter, he shares his articles, as well as interesting thoughts in the course of investigative journalism.

Charlie Shrem

One of the founders of the Bitcoin Foundation, Bitcoin pioneer, “participant in the crusade for the best technological society.” In 2014, he was sentenced to two years in prison on charges of money laundering and Bitcoin transactions related to the illegal marketplace Silk Road. On his Twitter, he shares information from conferences, thoughts about crypto events, and interesting projects.

Roger Ver

Scandalously known as the “Bitcoin Jesus,” who bought his first Bitcoins for less than one dollar. He later became a fierce supporter of Bitcoin Cash. On his Twitter, you can find 1,000 reasons for “Why Bitcoin Cash is the True Bitcoin.” He hates it when the cryptocurrency is called BCash and immediately bans the offender.

Erik Voorhees

An economist and entrepreneur, known as the founder of a number of Bitcoin startups, the most successful of which was the ShapeShift.io crypto exchange. On his Twitter, you can find quotes like “Fiat is a scam.” He likes to speculate about the present and future of the world of digital currencies and technologies.

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