UniBright – A framework to integrate blockchain solutions

The innovative framework that a German company, UniBright has developed based on their core team’s 20+ years of experience in SAP business integration represents a complete B2B solution. Their platform will be a catalyst in enabling Blockchain technology to reach large and small businesses.

Unibright plans to launch their token sale on April 10th 2018 to expedite the development of their framework and total product readiness. Unibright’s token, UBT will help in the purchase of templates and help unlock smart contract creation features in the Unibright marketplace.

Unibright’s proposition of integrating Blockchain technology to the already existing ERP systems of businesses (large or small) without the need for any special skills or knowledge will shake the billion-dollar global system integration market. They are currently using the SAP ERP-SmartAdapter and Ethereum-SmartAdapter to integrate Ethereum-based SmartContracts into programs residing inside SAP ERP Systems.

Unibright is already offering a traditional cloud-based integration system with process partners such as SAP and Microsoft that enables business processes and data exchanges. The Unibright team has invested the last 18 months in blockchain based integration tool that will change the life-cycle and supply chain data for businesses.

Understanding Unibright’s platform:

  • Visual Workflow Designer – No coding or expensive devs required, anyone can create powerful Blockchain-based solutions and design integration workflows just visually. This allows not only Blockchain specialists but also general business users and process specialists to use this. They already have pre-defined templates like “Multi-Party-Approval”, “Request for Quotation”, “Milestone Payments”, etc.
  • Contract Lifecycle Manager – this could be called a ‘magic’ button that automatically transforms the visually designed workflows into your platform-dependent code and automatically generating blockchain apt smart contracts.
  • Explorer – A dashboard to monitor the ongoing business process across all smart contracts and related systems.
  • Connector – These are predefined Smart Adapters that connects existing IT landscape with different blockchains and smart contracts. These can be used across multiple blockchains to move information back and forth.

Stefan Schmidt, CEO of Unibright, recently said,

“Fintech, Shipping, Healthcare, and Supply Chain Management are all fields that could benefit from Blockchain technology”

With the use of blockchain technology, Unibright promotes network verified transaction, history of each asset, privacy and entrenched ledger. Unibright’s goal is to capitalize on the promise of blockchain technology for all its propulsion business.

Aravind Krishna, director at IBM states,

“Companies will be around when the blockchain goes mainstream that creates software that makes it easy for businesses and consumers to actually implement all of blockchains possibilities.”

The UBT token will be sold at $0.14 USD and Unibright is seeking to raise $3 million. Their token sale will begin on on the 10th of April, 2018 and conclude 30 days later on the 10th of May. ETH, BTC, LTC and DASH are the accepted cryptocurrencies.

From Supply chain management, financial transactions and condition based payments to IoT data collection, health management and asset management are just a few examples of areas that can be empowered by Unibright using blockchain technology.

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