TOSS: The Future of Betting Industry

How the Blockchain Could Help Revolutionize the Betting Sector

PROOF OF TOSS is a betting ecosystem on the blockchain. The aim of this project is to revolutionize the gaming industry with the help of cryptocurrency’s underlying technology.

The TOSS ecosystem is a revolutionary project that aims to bring the blockchain into the gaming sector. Through this platform, anyone will be able to create a wager, bet, and judge. The aim of all activities on this platform will be to win TOSS tokens. The main difference between PROOF OF TOSS and others utilizing the blockchain is that they also cater to existing bookmakers and other parties in the betting sector.

About the Developers of the Project

With years of experience in the gaming sector, the developers of the PROOF OF TOSS project were at the helm of the Bitcoin revolution. As early as 2011, they have been benefiting from the new opportunities made possible by the blockchain. They now feel confident enough to put all the expertise and experience they have in this sector to good use. The main reason why they settled on the blockchain is that the sector is worth $400 billion today. On top of that, it is expected to continue growing annually.

After much discussion, they settled on the gaming industry. They hope to introduce smart contracts to this industry. By doing so, they will bring better odds, lowered fees, increased market coverage, better margins, and an opportunity for everyone in the ecosystem to benefit.

They will Democratize Gambling

One of the major issues in the gaming sector is the lack of trust. Whenever you place a bet online, you are putting trust in numerous intermediaries. Firstly, you have to trust the payment provider. Then you must trust the operator of the site to place a bet on the outcome you choose.

You also have to trust them to return the profits to you if the bet succeeds. The operators also have to place their trusts in agents, employees, and all those around them to deliver the desired results. At the end of it all, everyone wants his or her cut, which makes it hard for you to win. This system is decentralized and non-profit; its only aim is to democratize the betting sector.

Token Sale

There will be a billion TOSS tokens generated. The project has a hard cap of USD 50,000,000. The sale goes live in about fifteen days.

At the moment PROOF OF TOSS is going through a closed presale stage. For more information about the closed presale or the project contact the PROOF OF TOSS team, personally on Telegram.

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