Three crypto-currencies that will fly the native this year

Experts predict a doubling of the prices of some crypto-currencies.

Cryptodaily with reference to unnamed experts, claims that in the current year three crypto-currencies will double their value. Among them, Ethereum, which will cost twice as much as now, because the Ethereum network block can process almost three times as many transactions per second as Bitcoin, and they are much cheaper.

The functionality of the Ethereum blockbuster is also wider in the future, it allows you to track supply chains, create digital identification data and record records, for example, medical records. And, of course, the system of smart contracts can also help to increase Ethereum's price by half.

Nano, crypto currency, which is characterized by Cryptodaily as unique, whose blockbuster operates on a block-latticed scheme, which allows each user to control their part of the chain. Because of this, the Nano network has huge scalability.

In addition, Nano can process 7000 transactions per second, which is closer to the possibilities, for example, Visa, which processes 24 000 transactions per second. Recall, Nano is now trading at a price of about 11,8 dollars.

And finally, Qtum, a coin, whose blockbuster, according to Cryptodaily, has absorbed all the best that exists in the Bitcoin and Ethereum infrastructure. At the beginning of the year, Qtum announced that in 2018, partnerships will be established between five large companies with the Qtum network, which in itself can raise the price of the coin. Now, by the way, the cost of Qtum is about 25 dollars.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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