Take The Guesswork Out Of Bitcoin Investing Crypto Autopilot By OSOM

In 2020, altcoins vastly outperformed Bitcoin during what many referred to as the DeFi summer of love. But once Bitcoin began rallying in the fall months, altcoins have dropped considerably on their trading pairs against BTC.

Crypto investors looking to maximize the profitable opportunities found through the relationship between Bitcoin and altcoins, but have tried with little success, should look into OSOM Finance’s new Crypto Autopilot.

Here’s how the AI-powered algorithmic trading service can help take the guesswork out of cryptocurrency trading and investing, and help achieve greater yields with no additional effort.

Crypto Autopilot Offers Low-Risk Altcoin Optimization Against Bitcoin

“No pain, no gain” is a common saying that gets tossed around new crypto investors and traders learning the ropes. The suffering arrives via losses, and lessons are learned the hard way. Profits are reaped only when enough time and effort is put in, and even then, luck and natural talent are required for long-term success.

However, the Belgian-based fintech company Polybius has developed an AI-powered trading service called Crypto Autopilot (by OSOM Finance) that lets bitcoin and crypto holders build their capital with almost zero effort. 

OSOM Finance’s proprietary algorithm automatically locates growth opportunities among over “30 altcoins pairs” trading against BTC. Rather than rolling the dice on which pairs might provide the most profit, the program does the picking and positioning for you to achieve the best possible return on investment. 

Bitcoin and crypto holders can access the Crypto Autopilot through the free OSOM app on the web, Android, and iOS smartphones. The minimum deposit to get started is just 0.0037 BTC or roughly 50 euros. Deposits are accepted via red or debit card, SEPA transfer, or SWIFT wire transfer.

Eliminate Guesswork In Cryptocurrency Investing With OSOM’s Crypto Autopilot 

While OSOM doesn’t disclose what’s under the hood entirely, the Crypto Autopilot focuses on digital currencies with high market cap, high liquidity, and authenticity, and avoids stablecoins or privacy coins. 

The algorithm automatically adapts to the difference in value across each altcoin pair, and the AI-powered program is further refined every day by a committee of OSOM experts and their Belgian business partner InvestSuite.

The automatic trading program ensures that no crypto coin dominates any portfolio for too long and optimizes the exit timing and entries on the next altcoin pair. Crypto Autopilot’s world-class performance is second-to-none, beating out the competition while avoiding monthly fees. OSOM only charges a nominal 10% fee, and only for positive results during the month, essentially costing nothing but the upfront deposit. 

The OSOM app provides transparency into trading metrics, so accounts have an overview of allocated funds. It was created by Polybius, a Belgian-Estonia group specializing in platform development, led by Anton Altement, Ivan Turygin, and Sergey Potapenko. 

To learn more about OSOM, Crypto Autopilot, and the company’s goal for financial inclusion, visit the osom.finance website for details and put your Bitcoin to work for you.

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