Start Managing the Reputation Early

Reputation is the cornerstone of power. With its help you can rise, stand out in a crowd, win, and you can lose everything as well.

It is only the shadows that fall on the reputation – as soon as the brand, product, specialist or common man is subjected to condemnation, attack and lose his position.

Reputation of a private individual  is a more or less clear concept. However, what does the brand reputation stand for? – this is how the company is perceived, as well as its interrelated aspects partners, customers, employees and contractors. In other words, this is a cumulative opinion that provides others a better understanding of whether it is worth trusting a particular company, whether this company offers quality products or services.


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Is it possible to manage the reputation?

It is not only possible, but rather – necessary! However, how should it be done? Are there any effective tools? What is offered on the market today?

Pre-ICO stage of the first decentralized rating platform – REPU, unique of it kind, is scheduled for February, and the ICO stage – for March. The platform is distinguished by the fact that each registered user can get acquainted with the rating of other participants, provide rating or leave feedback, and get rewarded with REPU tokens. Tokens can then be used to pay for products and/or services directly within the platform.

The REPU team has set a goal to make a new milestone in the reputation market, including on the Internet, in the niche of social networks. REPU is a new channel of communication between all market participants: consumers and sellers, employers and job seekers, creditors and borrowers, manufacturers and dealers, etc. One of the goals of REPU is to combine everything in one place, without intermediaries and advertising.

REPU is the first platform in some ways similar to social networks, is based on blockchain technology, and is also offering token rewards for, familiar to all social networks users actions, such as feedback, comments, likes.

REPU – will become a platform that uses blockchain to store data about the reputation, and that provides services to those:

  • who are interested in information about particular object (private individual or company): banks, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, tax authorities, recruiters, potential employers, job seekers, ordinary people;
  • who are ready to share their opinions and rate the level of service, the quality of services or goods and get a decent reward for it.

Users will be able to exchange tokens (or use them as discounts) for goods and/or services within the platform or convert on the exchange at current market quotes. In addition, all registered users will have free access to the information, which will give the opportunity to:

  • take the business to a new level;
  • increase sales;
  • provide communication with potential consumers;
  • get feedback on products and services;
  • find a weak spot in the supply chain: the seller-buyer;
  • learn everything and even more about applicants/job seekers;
  • increase the rate of loan repayment (for banks and financial institutions);
  • climb the career ladder with ease;
  • to increase brand / product / service awareness;
  • improve the level of service;
  • minimize time spent to search for goods, manufacturers, dealers, suppliers of goods and services;
  • analyze the success of advertising and marketing campaigns.


This is not a complete list though … Reputation is a tool that can help move the mountains. Wherein, a bad reputation is like a snow avalanche, which is very difficult to stop. The objective of the REPU system of ratings – if not the peace in the whole world, then changing part of it towards a better one – definitely is!

REPU Tokens

REPU tokens will be used for direct interaction of REPU platform users. This model will be implemented with the help of smart contracts, which REPU creators will use to reward those users who will share their opinions, participate in the platform’s ecosystem – each target action will be carried out through a smart contract automatically generating a reward in REPU tokens.

The plans of the project team are not limited to the REPU platform only – in the future it is planned to integrate with all popular social networks. The rating system is the future. REPU acts as a pioneer in the development of this system and provides a complete set of tools based on blockchain technology that other social media will be able to use.

This approach towards tokens creation will fill the gap between the theoretical part of blockchain technology and its application in reality.

About REPU

REPU is a startup in the process of launching the global rating system. The objective of the project is to become the first blockchain platform where the rating of both companies and private individuals will be represented. Nowadays, there is a growing demand for services that can provide users with information about a particular restaurant, company, product, ordinary person or specialist. However, the services presented on the market are not able to completely fulfill these requests in the absence of the system, scale, coverage. Thanks to the innovative rating system, all aspects related to the object’s rating will be taken into account, which nowadays neither occurs in traditional social networks nor in existing services.



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