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The future lies in digital technologies. And this future has already come! Remember how blockchain technology was something wild and rampant for many people? And now just imagine, the innovative social platform SELFLLERY is based on the same technology!

This is not an ordinary social resource with the possibility of acquiring visual content, but a platform that provides an opportunity for its users to earn money on unique photos and videos that will gather maximum user involvement in the form of likes, comments, and views.

The relevance and prospects of SELFLLERY’s scaling

Currently, the most famous social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter exclude the possibility of direct earnings for their users for the published photos and videos, not including advertising. Although content creation and promotion of these same leading networks are carried out by their own users, they only have to be content with the likes.

SELFLLERY takes the so-called conditional error in the relations between users and shareholders of companies into account and offers the world a completely different vector of applying the user content. Now everyone can convert likes and comments into cryptocurrency, or more precisely into YOU tokens, which can be converted into cash through Ethereum purse if necessary or used inside the platform.

The interest of humanity to digital photographs is rapidly increasing with every year, which affects the needs of social platforms, where you can publish collected photos and videos. Since SELFLLERY monetizes the activities of its users, it remains only a matter of time when the platform will become the world’s leader in demand. Of course, with the increase in its demand, the value of the YOU token will grow, which will have a great impact on those who decide to join the development and expansion of SELFLLERY at an early stage.

Monetizing of SELFLLERY content

The principle of working with the platform is very simple! For example, publish photos of your pet, funny videos from friends’ gatherings or conduct interesting live broadcasts and get the approval of other users in the form of likes, comments, and views. The more involvement there is, the more tokens you will get.

Also, the platform provides other activities for rewarding, namely: the sale of digital images to a photobank, participation in photo contests, photo quests, and advertising campaigns.

Additional SELFLLERY functions

All internal processes between users of the platform are based on YOU’s token, which provides access to paid functions, as well as the opportunity to donate for charity, purchase goods in the internal marketplace and photos in galleries.

Don’t miss out, TGE starts on the 5th of March and will last until the 26th of March!
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