The self-proclaimed state will launch its own crypto currency

Liberland is a self-proclaimed country located between Serbia and Croatia, which has been fighting for its independence for three years. At the moment, Liberland plans to launch its own crypto currency in a few months, and already accepts help in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

Initially, Liberland planned to use Bitcoin as its currency, as well as not to levy taxes and not to control the availability of weapons from citizens. Vit Yedlička, the so-called president of the self-proclaimed country, began to raise money from rich libertarians with the help. Kraudfanding. In addition, he began issuing passports of Lieberland. The country conducts its business by e-mail and Skype, at the moment the citizens of this self-proclaimed country are one hundred people living in different countries.

The country will begin to create its own system based on Blockchain technology and will provide citizenship through digital contracts. On April thirteenth, Lieberland plans to release its own coin called Merit, in honor of the country's third anniversary.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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