SEC stops several companies for communication with crypto-currencies

The US Securities and Exchange Commission announced an interim suspension of the work of the three firms to verify their applications for digital currencies and DLT.

According to the agency, Cherubim Investments, Inc., PDX Partners, Inc. and Victura Construction Group, Inc. must suspend trading in securities for three weeks.

According to the agency, this is due to recent press releases of companies, which stated that they were acquired with the AAA rating from a firm investing in virtual currencies and the development of the detachment.

SEC was pricked up because of crypto-currency press releases of companies

In addition, CHIT also announced that it is going to invest in the launch of the ICO, and, according to the Commission's comment, violated the deadline for submitting reports on the activities of the company.

Measures taken by the SEC are also due to a significant increase in the value of shares after the publication of statements, Coindesk reports.

Earlier CFTC issued a warning about fraudulent schemes in which crypto-currencies can be used.

Author: Vasilisa Ming, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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