Scammers attack Twitter accounts Tron and Justin Sun

Over the past few weeks, spam bots or scammers have stepped up their attacks on Tron's official tweets by sending out free TRX / ETH messages that will be given to people who donate a certain amount of ETH to a specific address. The attack was seen on several Twitter accounts related to crypto-currencies, including Vitalika Bouteria and CEO of Binance.

Although many people are able to recognize a fake profile and determine that this is a fraud, many naive users lend themselves to scams. Fake answers confirming alleged payments to people on the same tweet, make them even more believable.

Due to the fact that the US accuses Russia of influencing the elections in America through social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, there has been an intensive update of the security protocols of the Twitter user verification program. In an official Twitter statement, it is reported that several messages with the same tweet will lead to the blocking of the profile if they do not fall under the category of emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, etc.

Malcolm Chang, a security analyst from Hong Kong, says:

"Blue tic is a sign of a proven user, people need to be careful about what they read and who to trust, these are difficult times for FUD, conduct their own research, and then spend your money. Remember that this is your money, they will not return if you gave them to scammers. "

Robin Madhavan, the developer of Blockchain from London, says:

"People already feel crypto currency as a" rich quick scheme ", these distributions make it more surreal. Who gives money? More importantly, it's time that Twitter embarks on rigorous security checks to make sure that counterfeit accounts are not created in the first place "

Unfortunately, many inexperienced users who did not read the whole series of tweets of warnings, transferred ETH amounts and answered tweets of scammers with the hope of getting 5-10x their investments. Thanks to the new Twitter security feature, which is expected to be released in March, fake accounts and spam messages will be automatically deleted.

Author: Yevgeny Yakubenko, AnalystFreedman Club Crypto News

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