Salon news agency – Monero mining as an alternative source of income

Salon is now a company using the CoineHive Monero script for integration on its website.

On Sunday, readers of the popular news site Salon, faced with an interesting choice, they were asked to turn off their block of ads. They can either turn off their ad unit to continue browsing the content, or make it available to allow Salon to use its processing power for crypto currency mining. This is done using the built-in CoinHive script on the website, which is a miner for Monero in JavaScript.

In a recent announcement, Salon explains that the decline in advertising revenue has led to the fact that they were looking for alternative ways to monetize their content. They also consider the ability to use the reader's computational power for return values.

"Salon is engaged in the extraction of digital currencies (for our beta, Monero). To do this, we instruct your processor to perform calculations. Think about it, how to borrow your calculator for a few minutes to figure out the answer to the mathematical problems, and then return it when you leave the site. "

Such a step of Salon also included a very positive impetus, connected with the initiative to make a contribution "to the development of technological discoveries, evolution and innovation." The ad explains that the script is only used based on their website, and is not active after the user leaves the site. They also note that the confidentiality of users is fully protected in the process of using the miner.

The ethics of implementing the CoinHive script

Salon went on a more ethical path when implementing the miner, allowing users to choose whether they want to disable the ad blocker or provide them with spare computing power for using the Monero network. Scandals in the past were mainly driven by companies implementing the CoinHive scenario, without warning users beforehand whether their computing power for mining was borrowed.

What initially attracted attention to CoinHive was an experiment conducted by the popular torrent client The Pirate Bay back in October.

However, this is not just a business that uses the CoinHive script to cover operating expenses – some charities have also started using it. Bail Bloc, a charity for bail, CPU For Good, which seeks to release the enslaved people in Pakistan, and Mine For Charity, have implemented CoinHive scripts for their philanthropic businesses.

The approach taken by Salon was fairly transparent and could become an excellent starting point for the ethical implementation of the mining of crypto-currency on websites for generating revenue.

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