Reprisals against the Crypto-currency in India: SBI warned of the risk of investment in crypto-currencies

The largest issuer of credit cards in India warned, but did not forbid.

SBI Card, the second largest credit card issuer in India, with a client base of 5 million people, issued a warning about the risk of using crypto-currencies and at the same time did not forbid the use of credit cards for crypto invoicing.

SBI occupies a relatively soft position to the participants of cryptology, but in the warning reminded its customers of the negative position taken by the authorities of India in relation to crypto-currencies, reports NDTV.

In addition, SBI drew attention to the fact that a little earlier the operator of Citi India banned the use of credit cards for the purchase of crypto currency.

Recall that several national banks in India at the end of 2017-early 2018 frozen accounts of the country's crypto-exchange exchanges. And these were measures not provoked by the authorities, but taken by banks on their own initiative.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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