PrimeBall Brings Fair Gambling to the World

The concept of blockchain was groundbreaking, but at the beginning, it was somewhat chaotic and reserved only for enthusiasts and those who now can rightfully call themselves prophets. Today blockchain it’s becoming a viable way to approach business, investment, finance, operations, and other familiar activities, including… gambling.

Pre-History as We Know It

Until recently anyone who wanted to try their luck had to wait till the opportunity is given to go to Las Vegas, Monaco, Macau or other gambling centers of the world. Now, gambling is increasingly available online, and many governments around the world see the opportunity to create new jobs and collect more taxes. However, blockchain community, revolutionary by nature, is looking to create their own way to do things, that’s why traditional gambling isn’t very appealing for the crypto crowd.

How Things Are Changing

That’s when crypto gambling comes in. But then people run into another wall: how to trust gambling outlet that is based on the technology that ensures full anonymity of anyone who’s behind any project – and it did happen a few times that very promising and well-advertised projects just disappeared.

The outcry of the community has been heard, and taken into account, by some very smart and very forward-thinking business and marketing guys, and that’s how the brand new raffle was born: PrimeBall.

Meet PrimeBall

PrimeBall has a very much community-oriented approach to the game. The team wanted their raffle to be accessible and simple to play. So one of the key distinctive features is that they based the game on existing cryptocurrency, instead of coming up with yet another coin or token and forcing you to buy it. Players are also not required to register or create an account to participate in a raffle. You just send Ethereum transaction from your crypto wallet to the PrimeBall Smart Contract – and that’s it!

Speaking of Smart Contract, it is fully autonomous and controls all aspects of PrimeBall: draw process, determination of winners, prize distribution and security of funds. This is truly a great solution to eliminate human factor and provide a transparent, auditable, clear, unambiguous, and reliable game for the community.

But there are more dazzling features. This house only keeps a maximum of 4.6% of the proceeds (that’s a bare minimum to keep the game going), and 5% goes to marketing (to spread the word and invite more folks). The rest goes into JackPot or lower-tier winnings! Every round – literally: every round, – has winners. If someone hits JackPot it’s only one winner, if not – there are at least 3 winners of lower-tier prizes. No other cryptogambling house offers that.


“Magic” is the term used by Mr, Xoposhii to describe the sophisticated and impossible to rig script of PrimeBall’s Smart Contract. Just how does this “Magic” work? Mr. Xoposhii decided to move away from solely randomizers when determining the winner. There is widespread belief (and there’s probably some truth to that!) that randomizers aren’t all that random: they can actually be programmed, thus making it possible to rig the game. Instead, PrimeBall SmartContract uses truly unpredictable factors and fundamentals of the math.


PrimeBall is absolutely unique and very player-friendly raffle with the highest chances to win, the biggest percentage of the pull going back to the players, and great referral program (their affiliates get payouts even if the players don’t win). It is fully secure thanks to MainNet; it is autonomous and free of the human factor thanks to SmartContract; it is truly random thanks to a dynamic change of the round outcome determining the winner. So the game is a must try! Let’s have fun, let’s play PrimeBall!

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