The price of crypto currency increased this week

This week turned out to be favorable for all top-tier credit-exchange markets. They began to recover from the recession, after the traders sold the holdings because of the threat of state regulation.

The biggest result was demonstrated by Litecoin, it grew by 57,7%. Crypto currency, which has ambitions to become the environment for everyday transactions, announced the launch LitePay, a payment system for its token, which will facilitate the owners of LTC transactions.

Ripple before this week received a lot of negativity from the press, However, their partnership with the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, the largest bank of Abu Dhabi and a giant of money transfers in Dubai, was the reason for growth. At the moment, the bank is testing the Ripple technology for bank settlements and transfers of funds abroad. However, its role in the crypto-currency world remains unclear, but despite this, the news nevertheless allowed Ripple to rise by 21,27%.

The remaining crypto-currencies also did not stand aside and grew very solidly in price: Bitcoin – 22.7%, Ethereum – 17%, Cardano – 11,1%, NEO – 34,1%, Stellar – 25%, EOS – 21%, IOTA – 23%.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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