Phoenix is Taking the Risk and Volatility Out of Cryptocurrency Investing

Are you tired of the volatile ups and downs that come with trading cryptocurrencies? If you’re looking for maximum return with minimal risk, Phoenix might just have the answer you’re looking for.

Forget About Volatility

Phoenix is a decentralized autonomous organization based on blockchain technology, which offers a completely transparent financial algorithm.

According to Phoenix’s whitepaper, this special mathematical algorithm helps users “increase their financial assets by a hundred times in only a couple of days with minimal financial risks at play” – and who doesn’t want 100x gains?

Thanks to Phoenix, participants are seeing a significant return on their initial investment (ROI) thanks to regular, reliable payouts and exponential increases in payouts following completed rounds.

All financial transactions conducted on the Phoenix platform are processed by Ethereum Virtual machine ― a runtime environment for smart contracts based on industry leader Ethereum’s technology. These smart contracts allow for automated payments while guaranteeing that all participants are playing by the same set of rules.

Those who put up ETH will receive their first returns after only one round, while Phoenix’s unique algorithm affords users the possibility of doubling their initial investment when the next round is successfully completed – and that’s just the beginning. The real fun (and profit!) begins in the following rounds.

What Phoenix Has to Offer

Why join Phoenix?

First and foremost, Phoenix offers maximum profits with minimal financial risk, as each and every transaction completed in Phoenix is controlled by an Ethereum smart contract — meaning the code is independent and unchangeable. Unlike investing in an Initial Coin Offering, users investing with Phoenix are not obligated to take long-term financial risks.

Secondly, the algorithm behind Phoenix is as clear as day. Thanks to smart contracts utilizing Ethereum’s industry-leading technology, all participants are able to monitor the entire history of transactions and payments completed in Phoenix. In fact, you can see a full history of transactions and payouts here.

Here’s how Phoenix works:

Say you invest just 0.25 ETH in the current round (Round 3 as of this writing). Your returns each round would be:

Looks pretty good, yes? Don’t take our word for it, though. You can see a complete record of payouts here. To date, nearly 200 ETH has been paid out to Phoenix participants, with recent payouts ranging from 4 ETH all the way up to 99 ETH. This is only a representative sample, of course. Your actual rate of return will depend largely on how much you invest.

How Safe Is Phoenix?

The core of Phoenix is ultimately its security.

Phoenix is controlled by Ethereum smart contract technology, which acts as a guardian for your funds. Nobody has access to any of your personal financial information — not even Phoenix.

When users invest in Phoenix, they receive a contract that works completely independently while the platform itself keeps working. The smart contract never deviates from the rules. Better yet, nobody else is involved in the process — only you and the decentralized platform.

The smart contract code — which has no expiration date — can be viewed and audited at any time by using a simple Ethereum block explorer. As long as rounds are successfully completed, you will never stop making a profit.

Want to Know More?

Participants’ reactions to Phoenix have been phenomenal, with a recent user commenting:

So far, the results of your new algorithm have far exceeded my expectations.

Yet another user was so excited about Phoenix that they couldn’t wait to tell others about it:

I have spread the word about this incredible investment opportunity amongst my family and friends.

If you’d like to learn more about Phoenix, you can read the project’s whitepaper, find answers to frequently asked questions, calculate your potential earnings, and — of course — join the current round on Phoenix’s official website:

Are you interested in Phoenix? Would you like to see your earnings increase exponentially with minimal risk? Let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Phoenix.

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