The number of hedge funds has grown to 226 around the world

The number of hedge funds doubled in just over 4 months.

Hedge funds for crypto currency in the world are now 226, which is a record indicator, according to the study of the Autonomous Next group.

Hedge funds have risen on the wave of rising prices

Until now, for four months, the number of hedge funds has doubled.

At the beginning of the 2017 year, crypto-currency hedge funds were 31, in August 55.

On average, the income of hedge funds in 2017 amounted to 1,477.85 percent. In addition, the amount of hedge funds is now from 3,5 to 5 billion.

Some of the hedge funds charge high commissions – an average of 1,6 per cent for management and 17,5 per cent for execution of funds.

The profit in 2017 was largely caused by a long period of rising prices for crypto-currencies.

It is noted that some invest only in Bitcoin, occupying both long and short positions, some buy a basket of crypto-currencies, while others use arbitrage between the prices of different exchanges, writes

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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