NuLife4D makes Sci-Fi into reality by implementing blockchain technology

NuLife4D is an organization in the USA which aims at providing a solution for saving lives of people suffering from heart diseases by using blockchain technology. They have launched an ICO for their token Life4D.

The process is simple and affordable. When a patient comes to the clinic, they need to provide their cells from their skin to the doctors who are treating them. Those cells can generate stem cells and in turn stem cells would generate heart cells. The beating cardiac cells that have been produced can be struck directly to the damaged organ following an attack.

Still, a question may loom over the mind of people, how come the organization guarantees that the generated cells will be of the right shape and right size? This is where NuLife4D is specialized at, heart printing using 3D-Bio printer software. Each patient’s heart is scanned to verify whether the produced cells are of the right shape and right size.

This will put an end to the struggle of over 200,000 people in the USA alone and will be the end of the tunnel for the number one killer disease in the USA, the Heart Disease.

The treatment is affordable and makes it available to be utilized by a common man. The cost and efficiency are being attributed to the implementation of blockchain technology and NuLife4D will be first of its kind company in the world to have ventured out into the domain of heart diseases combining the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The organization also wants the common public to know about NuLife4D and be aware that some processes such as this exist to save life.

Moreover, the organization needs donors to save the lives of many people. To meet that bar, they have come up with a worldwide movement, “Act of Hearts”. The organization has received an overwhelming support for this movement with publicity and gaining momentum in the form of featured articles, 10 major blockchain publications and the general public willing to become an investing partner.

If the organization moves in the same direction at the same speed then the dream of heart printing and saving lives of many shall become a reality.

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