Matthew Lesco: Bitcoin is a game

The author of books on how to get "free money" from the authorities said that digital currencies are fraud, and Bitcoin is a game.

According to Lesko, at present many people are interested in crypto-currencies and block-building technology.

However, according to the writer, all interested in better "stay away" from investing in digital currencies, if they do not have additional funds in case of failure in the market.

Matthew Lesko: no one knows where the crypto currency will go

Also, Lesko stressed that investing in virtual currencies is a "game with sharks". The crypto currency market is now at the very beginning of the road, and no one knows where it will eventually come, the writer said.

In addition, he called the crypto currency "fraud", because they are not backed by anything and are not controlled by the government, unlike traditional currencies.

Lesko believes that without regulation, investors simply "throw", as the methods by which tokens move forward are reminiscent of his own "exaggeration" in advertising "free money" reports The Cointelegraph.

Author: Vasilisa Ming, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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