Market crypto currency is compressed before the throw?

Crypto currency is preparing to attack new peaks.

Last week, Bitcoin struggled for the height of 12 thousand dollars, but then gradually rolled back less than 10 thousand dollars. Now, according to Coinmarketcap, the cost of bitcoin ranges from 9370 dollars.

Perhaps the weakening of the positive dynamics of bitcoin was influenced by news from France and the UK. In France, the financial regulator proposed to regulate crypto-currencies as derivatives, which the crypto-community perceives hardly with delight, since it considers Bitcoin to be a currency, independent, not derivative from anything.

Crypto currency, recovery!

In the UK, the Treasury Committee of the British Parliament appointed a hearing on crypto-currencies. The Committee itself is not a regulator, but it is an influential advisory institution, and the danger here is that parliamentarians expect to consider regulation of the crypto currency based on their use in money laundering.

Following Bitcoin, other crypto-currencies also fell into a small depression and began to become cheaper.

But now we are probably watching the passage of the bottom of this week, as for the day Bitcoin lost less than a percent, and now it has stabilized.

Ethereum, which at the beginning of last week traded about 947 dollars, rolled back to 820 dollars, but now spirited up, got to 863 dollars and continues to gradually compensate for the damage of last week.

Also, Litecoin moved to growth, rising by almost 7%, to 229 dollars.

In general, the dynamics of prices kriptovalyut now multidirectional, which may indicate a reversal of the trend to growth, a temporary drop in prices kriptovalyut can be considered as compression of the spring before straightening or compare with the cobra, which folds is preparing to attack. And maybe not, the growth is still insignificant, the trends are shaky.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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