MARK.SPACEs uses token sale to create a VR Internet

The difference between what is real and virtual is constantly decreasing in our modern world. Virtual Reality (VR) is gradually making inroads into our daily lives. It is human nature to want to experience something before making a big purchase and as such VR offers an unprecedented opportunity for retailers. VR parks are already being opened in big retail centres like shopping malls around the world, this includes locations like Dubai, Tokyo etc. However, the day is not far when we can also experience a ‘real’ retail experience in a VR world.

MARK.SPACE is transposing the shopping mall to the VR instead. The Singapore based company with Russian origins is making available a designer construction kit that allows businesses to offer a VR experience of their own to their customers. The impressive project has already formed tie ups with companies such as Jaguar Rover, GAS Jeans, Baldinini and many others. The VR experience benefits from blockchain technology that offers the additional benefit of bridging the VR based economy with the tangible economy of the ‘real’ world.

VR transposes itself to Reality

MARK.SPACE is an enabler of 3D and VR compatible web-spaces and objects. Think of it as being able to offer web content like websites but with the benefits of VR attached. Users of the platform offered by MARK.SPACE would be able to design entire cities divided into districts, blocks and units etc. Within these spaces users would be able generate customised environments complete with bespoke furniture and decor. This of course opens new and interesting possibilities like display of advertisement content on billboards etc in the spaces in these virtual cities. The VR environment offered by MARK.SPACE is accessible through all major mobile devices as well as web browser, computers and tablets.

Virtual Wealth, Real Gains

An interesting aspect of the project is the blurring of the line between real and virtual wealth. As Virtual Reality spaces come into existence, they will gain in worth just as regular real estate does. This is based on the assumption that well designed, content rich and unique spaces will generate visitors similar to the footfall generated let’s say in a shopping mall. The white paper published by MARK.SPACE explains, “Just like with regular real estate, virtual locations will have a long term tendency to increase in value, due to added 3D details and scarcity of the virtual spaces. Once created, well-designed and unique, and filled with quality content, personal spaces will attract many visitors, thus making them valuable economic assets.”

Token at the heart of MARK.SPACE

MARK.SPACE is a blockchain based project with its own token called MRK. This token would be useful for conducting transactions in the virtual realm but also would be tradeable in the real world. This effectively is a mechanism for bridging the gap between virtual reality and reality. Users would be able to use their MRK tokens to create their own virtual spaces and to customise them. This token would be the currency for the sale and purchase of goods and services on the platform. As an example it would be possible to hire a freelancer on the platform using the MRK token or to buy a pair of new sneakers from a virtual mall. The token is also the fuel for the growth of the platform. MARK.SPACE is in the process of holding the fourth round of their token sale during which MRK would be sold to the public to raise funds. The price of each token during this round is set at USD 0.10 with a hard cap of USD 35 mln.

Announcement of competition

MARK.SPACE are also holding a real estate contest which would be centered around designing the ‘Best Apartment’. Registered users would be able to take part in this contest. The competition is being held parallel with the main token sale, last date for which is February 28, 2018. The basis for judging the contest are ‘Best Creative Job’, ‘Best Content’ and ‘Community Favourite’. Submissions can be published by MARK.SPACE on either Facebook or Twitter and the large community of MARK.SPACE will get to vote on the best apartment design. The interested participants can take part in the contest by filling an online form.

The contest is a further attempt to bring real world community to virtual reality and to promote the use of VR as a medium of the future. MARK.SPACE have been showing innovation in the sense that they are giving people the power to build the VR internet of the future in the way and shape that they desire. This in a sense is true democratisation of the process.

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