Malta introduced a bill on the regulation of digital currencies

The Government of Malta is going to set up a special agency to monitor companies associated with digital currencies.

The Office will be engaged in certification of block-platforms and verification of crypto-currency transactions, monitoring the authenticity of the information provided in them. These measures, according to the authorities, can "bring peace" to the country's crypts.

Despite the fact that the government is aware of the use of blockades to bypass government agencies and banks, they recognize that technology allows for cheaper and more efficient money transfers.

Maltese officials decided to legitimize cryptory

Proceeding from this, they decided to provide some kind of "legal confidence and trust" to the blocking platforms, certifying them. According to Maltese officials, companies will benefit from the creation of the agency and will be able to bypass the banks and other intermediaries on a legal basis.

Silvio Schembri, the secretary of the Parliament for Digital Economy, presented a document on the creation of a new agency at a press conference with interested parties, which he called "historical."

In addition, during the event, he outlined the following stages of the crypto-currency regulation in the country. So, in the next bill, the legal framework for ICO will be established, and the third draft will specify the rules for participants of cryptology, informs

Earlier, the Government of Malta consulted with crypto-enthusiasts, as a result of which was expanded list of rules for the market priptovalyut.

Author: Vasilisa Ming, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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