Litecoin’s Charlie Lee: NANO Is ‘Pretty Neat,’ I Own Some

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee made waves weeks ago upon announcing he had sold all of his litecoins (LTC). The move raised eyebrows for some, and more brows have been raised now that Lee’s just admitted to owning some NANO, formerly RaiBlocks (XRB). His conclusion? It’s “pretty neat.”

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Lee: “Fast and Free”

Charlie Lee’s one of the most highly scrutinized pundits in the cryptoverse as of late, and his latest endorsement of NANO has unsurprisingly caused a stir accordingly.

Lee pictured.

Lee, who tweets almost exclusively about litecoin and bitcoin, caught the space of guard on February 28th by tweet-admitting to owning some NANO and highlighting the cryptocurrency’s idiosyncratic nuances:

NANO proponents see the project as a natural competitor to other payments plays like litecoin, bitcoin, and bitcoin cash, so many in the cryptocurrency ecosystem were surprised to see Lee essentially go to bat for what seems to be his own project’s upstart competition.

Detractors of Lee wasted no time in arguing the tweet sounded like shilling — almost like a promotional John McAfee tweet, for example. Supporters, however, said Litecoin’s mastermind was fully entitled to like promising projects.

It’s a sentiment Lee quickly echoed himself, saying:

Fair enough, we’d say.

Twitter Spam Still Out of Control

Virtually every major cryptocurrency personalities’ Twitter page has turned into a cesspool of scammer spammers posing as high-profile personalities themselves. The nefarious ploy involves having naive users send over ether, for example, with the false promise of having said sum multiplied and sent back.

The pages of Lee and Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin are common targets for these ploys, much to the chagrin of everyone but the scammers involved.

To handle the problem, Blockstream CSO Samson Mow had a pitch for Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey that Charlie Lee echoed his support for. Mow suggested:

“Team is on this,” Dorsey responded. “Definitely a new vector but we are watching closely and acting.”

Lee hopped on the thread at that point, imploring Dorsey to make things right.

What’s your take? Are Lee’s comments fair game, or do you feel something stranger’s afoot? Sound off in the comments below.

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