Litecoin presents a new system update

Litecoin once again shows a tendency to a fairly stable price, and in February they became the most effective crypto currency.

LTC becomes an affordable digital asset with a fairly rapid development. This time the coin has released new kernel version, which will appear a few days after the new version of Bitcoin.


Litecoin innovations

In general, the changes are minor, but there are important updates for optimizing block detection and node resources. Updating the new version is optional. One of the innovations is the prevention of accidental forking by the discovery of competing blocks.

One of the most important features was the reduction of the minimum transaction fees, they are planned to be reduced to a minimum, which will be 0,0001LTC in the next update.

The recent hype around the aforementioned crypto currency was not able to raise the price to record levels. However, in a dramatic month, when all the CRAs were losing their value, LTC proved to be extremely stable assets. At one point, LTC doubled its price against the BTC, it showed that it can easily reach the 0,02 BTC.

Recall that after the positive response of the creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee on the NANO crypto currency its price rose by six percent.

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