Light Cash – Blockchain based money exchange app backed by real gold

Light Cash is an organization that operates based on blockchain emulating exchange platform for fiat currencies and coins. The application erases the illicit discrepancies that accompany with the exchange of fiat for cryptocurrency.

The real world transactions and blockchain implementation blends together to an extent were both of them are considered same by the public. They have their own cryptocurrency token called Light Cash which can be conveniently used for transactions. The payments for goods and online stores can be made through Light Cash at payment terminals.

The company earns a small commission through these transactions which form their revenue model. The company has planned to go for an Initial Coin Offering [ICO] in 9 more days. The pre-sale starts on March 05, 2018 and the ICO starts on March 12, 2018. The target cap for coin sale is 210,000,000.

The USP of the company lies in the core value of integrating the current Financial Marketplace with Decentralised Economies. In a world, where people are migrating to decentralized economy and blockchain, Light Cash helps in the smooth migration of the economies.

LightCash concept

Light Cash Trading plans to get established as a global exchange where currency pairs of major cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies shall be available. Deposit Accounts shall pay the users regular interest. Online marketplace will be privatized according to the project the user works on, they can buy or sell goods through the cryptocurrency.

Virtual and Plastic cards shall be provided which will induce the sense of money staying with the user. Corporate Account is a feature where companies can create an account for their businesses to send and receive payments through QR Code. The process description reveals the deployment of an algorithm that shall suggest alternative payment methods for clients so that client gets best available pricing.

Light Cash Crypto Gold [LCSH] is a cryptocurrency that has been pegged to actual gold. The pricing of 1000 LCSH is equivalent to 1 gram Gold. By purchasing the tokens, the investor gets to hold a share in the gold mining firm, Lapiri Mining Company. The organisation has made the service available to everyone through the availability of a mobile application.

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