The largest crypto-currency companies in the UK create a trade center "CryptoUK"

Cryptogigants consolidate efforts.

Seven crypto-currency companies from the United Kingdom announced the launch of an independent center for crypto-currency trading called CryptoUK.

CryptoUK – Crypto currency for the benefit of Britain

The main goal of the association is to improve the standards (crypto-currency) industry and attract large players to the market.

The chairman of Crypto UK and the head of Etoro company Iqbal Gandham briefly described the role of the trade center as: "promotion … work with authorities and regulators … development of regulatory framework".

Crypto UK has already submitted a code of conduct, which outlines the need for transparency in the work of cryptocompanies and compliance with British law, reports Openaccessgovernment.

The participants of the combined trading structure are Cryptocompare, Coinbase, Coinshares, Etoro,, Commerceblock, Blockex.

Gandham, commenting on the creation of the organization, noted that the crypto industry is not all understood industry, the newly created association will solve this problem.

The creators of Crypto UK also aim to ensure that the association contributes to the development of the UK.

Today it became known about the possible creation of a new unified crypto-association in Japan.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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