The largest bank of the Netherlands confirmed that it serves Bitfinex

The largest financial company in the Netherlands, ING, said that the Bitfinex exchange has an account in the Netherlands. Details of the companies related to this exchange, such as Tether, the financial giant did not provide.

Early last year, Wells Fargo ceased cooperation with the crypto exchange, which led to the opacity of Bitfinex. Users reported that deposits in standard currency were sent to other companies, for example in Crypto Zoo.

The media said that Bitfinex together with Tether are going to buy a bank in Puerto Rico, a move that would allow them to bypass the unpleasant situations that financial companies face in creating stable banking mechanisms.

IGN spokesman Harold Rysken said that Bitfinex does have a bank account. This may mean that crypto-exchange was able to get banking services in a global financial institution.

The spokesman added that their company is ready to cooperate with the currency exchange and similar companies, but ING itself is not going to provide any services related to the digital currency.

Earlier, a computer security expert commented on the situation with Tether.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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