Japanese creator of English-teaching app launches Bitcoin Cash wallet

Japanese Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fans now have a wallet specifically made for them. The Yenom wallet, which will be available for beta testing by the end of March, will only support BCH and will have versions for both Android and iOS. It should prove to be highly successful, given the creator’s previous development projects.

The Yenom wallet is being created Tokyo-based Mikan Co. Ltd. It was founded in 2014 when it launched an application that teaches English words to the Japanese population. Since its release, the application has been downloaded more than two million times. The wallet is now accepting registrations for download and will be inviting users to participate in the beta testing.

Yenom, in case it wasn’t easy to figure out, is nothing more than “money” upside down. In its simplicity, there is a great deal of meaning to the name. According to Mikan, the name “shows the intention of ‘turning over the existing money structure’ through this service.”

While the majority of cryptocurrency trading today is born from speculation, the company believes that, soon, digital currency will become a part of our everyday lives. It feels that cryptocurrencies will be as important as “…water, electricity and the internet.”

In related news, a mobile BCH wallet was recently announced for traders in South Africa. CentBee, based in Johannesburg, anticipates launching their wallet to the mainstream in the near future. Currently, the wallet is available only for alpha testing on the Google Play store, with beta testing scheduled to begin in April. After the Android beta tests begin, the company will launch a version for iOS devices.

Centbee is a BCH payment company that was founded in 2016. According to the company’s cofounder, Angus Brown, “We provide an intuitive Bitcoin Cash mobile wallet to send and receive Bitcoin Cash easily to friends and family, and to spend at real-world merchants.” Brown developed CentBee with Lorien Gamaroff, a leading South African blockchain expert. He has addressed groups such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation on blockchain-related topics. Centbee recently signed a partnership agreement with nChain, a blockchain development company, to help grow its business.

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