Howdoo – Blockchain based Social Media platform set on to take the world by storm

Howdoo is a social media platform that utilizes the property of blockchain to give the power of choice to the user. A decentralized messaging platform has been received well by the general public, content creators and advertisers.

The recent development was the release of the first alpha product by the company on 20th February 2018. The roadmap of the product launch and development seems to be very exciting with the value proposition and white paper information made available on their website.

With headquarters in the Cayman Islands, the platform aims to be fairer, more transparent and democratic for the global audience and enhance their user experience aimed at retaining the customer base so that once they start using their platform they don’t shift to another platform exhibiting brand loyalty.

The USP of the platform is that personal data of the user can be taken back by them anytime. The user can also select to whom their private information must be sold, they can choose the option of using ad-free platform or select which kind of ads they prefer to receive.

Howdoo Concept

The organization has their own crypto token the µDoo, which shall be used to share the values, thoughts, and ideas which will result in creating a community of people over which many useful discussions shall take place.

The Howdoo becomes relevant to today’s world because of its USP which has been mentioned earlier. In today’s world where privacy is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve, Howdoo will become the favorite tool for people as it gives the power of choice to the people.

Moreover, Howdoo realizes the features like accountability, transparency and openness through decentralized architecture. The second feature to take a look is the user-friendly approach followed by Howdoo which provides incentives to the users, content creators as well as the advertisers.

The final point which can’t be missed by anyone is the recognition given to individual participation and contribution where a user can sit in stealth mode or can make value out of their data.

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