Holding giant Wellington Management ready to invest in crypto currency

A large investment company Wellington Management Group, which manages 1 trillion US dollars, has expressed interest in crypto-investment. The firm said in its report last month that it is studying companies related to the emerging digital currency industry.

At the moment, they are cautious when considering the direct impact of digital assets on their customers.

Wellington Management will become another major player in the world

According to news resources, the company's system now includes various Bitcoin derivatives. Along with this development, the main investment department of the company began to study such companies as, for example, developers and manufacturers of mining equipment. In addition, the company also studies those market participants who work closely with blockchain technology.

The report says:

"Various Wellington Management teams are already engaged in portfolio development in order to take advantage of mining or blockchain technologies, for example, by investing in chip companies and other components of mining equipment."

The decision of Wellington Management to send huge capital to their disposal in the direction of companies related to crypto-currencies is probably due to the recent incredible growth of shares of these companies.

For example, Overstock, Nvidia and Square, experienced a serious jump in prices for their shares due to their participation in the development of the crypto-currency area and the mining sector.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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