Hello Group acquires bitcoincash.io, develops BCH trading platform

Hello Group, a fintech solutions development company in Cyprus, recently bought the bitcoincash.io domain for an undisclosed amount.

Top-level domains like .io are widely used in the tech and startup industry, particularly for open-source projects for building accessible platforms with public APIs. This is because .io reflects the fundamental principle of input/output communications in the infotech field. With its purchase of bitcoincash.io, Hello Group hopes to create a website that will host its exchange trading platform, a project currently being developed by its engineering team. Moreover, Hello Group has set out to base their platform on Bitcoin Cash, pairing it with both fiat and cryptocurrency indicators.

Hello Group’s portfolio has been expanding since 2010, with a range of white label technology provisions spanning online margin trading, diamonds, sports, and now cryptocurrency trading. At the height of the cryptocurrency fever in late 2017, Bitcoin.com reported on how the company announced that it will open the world’s first Bitcoin Cash Embassy in Limassol, Cyprus. Its recent purchase of the bitcoincash.io domain is a strategic move into establishing its presence in the cryptocurrency space.

According to a company representative, the Bitcoincash.io platform will provide the Bitcoin Cash community with “a new decentralized solution to provide secure, high performance trading,” utilizing knowledge and expertise gathered from already existing blockchain exchange platforms that still run with traditional operation models. Trading BCH pairs on the platform will provide users with a certain degree of leverage, given the platform’s innovation and accessibility.

Through its code specifications, bitcoincash.io’s developers are working on a set of features that would enable user access to live and historical data, as well as natively-built real-time alerts on market trends and thresholds.

While still a work-in-progress, the forex-style platform also plans on giving its prospective users open and direct access to the global crypto market with a single, synchronized account. Through this, users will be able to trade multiple assets from leading international cryptocurrency exchanges that the platform will integrate, requiring no intermediaries.

Bitcoincash.io is expected to release an alpha version of its new platform as the second quarter of 2018 begins.

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