Hardcore Litecoin Cash held

Developers of Liteoin Cash announced that Litecoin's hardcore has occurred. As it was informed earlier, the event took place on the block 1371111.

According to information from the developers it became known that wallets for the newly made digital currency will be available about alternating twenty-four hours. Also, earlier information was received that anyone who has Litecoin tokens will receive free Litecoin Cash, the calculation will be carried out according to the system for one Litecoin, users receive ten Litecoin Cash tokens for free.

One of the leading features of Litecoin Cash developers see mining, if the Litecoin network has a Scrypt function, then in Litecoin Cash it's Proof-of-Work, for the security of the latter the SHA256 algorithm answers.

In addition, the developers claim that Litecoin Cash will be more advanced than other crypto-currencies with the SHA256 algorithm, for example, better than Bitcoin Cash. This is justified by the fact that Bitcoin Cash takes about ten minutes to create new blocks, and for Litecoin Cash this procedure will take only two and a half minutes, which will allow confirming transactions much more quickly.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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