Hackers returned part of the stolen funds Coindash

According to the announcement of Coindash, the account of the company received 20 thousand ETH from an account associated with a hacker who stole last year 37 thousand tokens during the ICO.

В July last year The hacker was able to withdraw with Coindash about $ 10 million in ETH, changing the deposit address displayed on the platform. After that, back in September of 2017, the attacker for an unknown reason transferred 10 thousands of tokens to one of Ethereum wallets owned by the company.

Hacker returns looted in parts

Now, the hacker returned and sent 20 thousands of ETH to the Coindash account, which for the current exchange rate is approximately $ 17 million.

According to Coindash CEO Aron Muroh, the actions of the hacker will not prevent the launch of the product, which is scheduled for 27 February.

According to a blog post on the platform, the company has already notified the transaction to the Israeli Anti-Cyber-Terrorism Service, and at present the Ethereum-address of the attacker will be monitored to detect any suspicious activity, informs Bitcoin.com.

Author: Vasilisa Ming, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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