Free Token Distribution for EOS Holders

The airdrop is a one-time distribution of coins to members of the crypto community who perform certain actions or fit certain criteria. The initial and most necessary condition for obtaining an airdrop is the availability of coins of the corresponding blockchain in your wallet.

To get the tokens discussed below, you need to buy and store EOS on the wallets or exchanges listed on the project website.

How to Buy EOS Tokens

One possible way to buy tokens might look like this:

 Go to;

 At the end of the page, find the GET EOS button and click on it;

 Read the agreement, confirm that you agree to the terms, and click Continue;

 Copy the Ether address to send the tokens;

 Go to the MyEtherWallet wallet and click the Send Ether & Tokens button in the main menu. After opening your wallet, enter the address copied in the previous step into the address bar and also the necessary amount (minimum 0.01 Ether) in the input line of the amount. Do not enter the entire amount that you have! Remember that you will also need to pay a transaction fee. Then, after checking the correctness of the actions you performed, click Submit.

After about 24 hours, you can get your tokens. The exact time for the end of the waiting period can be found on After this, proceed as follows:

 Click on Contracts in the top menu of MyEtherWallet;

 Choose EOS Contribution from the Contract drop-down menu. After that, the address to which you had previously sent the ETH will appear. Click Access;

 Open your wallet and click the Write button. In the pop-up window, leave everything as is and click Submit.

Now you have become the proud owner of some EOS tokens, and you can also receive the following tokens, which you will be credited in the course of airdrops held in the near future.


Everipedia is an encyclopedia of a new generation that has more than 6 million articles and research materials, making it one of the largest English encyclopedias in terms of content and a competitor of Wikipedia. It is noteworthy that there is no advertising in Everipedia and it is free for use by all. The airdrop of IQ tokens is scheduled for June, but more detailed information about the size of the airdrop and the conditions will be released closer to the summer. Content creators and editors will be encouraged with the help of IQ tokens.


eosDAC is a decentralized autonomous community (DAC) aimed at becoming the leading manufacturer of EOS.IO chain blocks. All holders of EOS tokens with more than 100 coins in their wallets will receive eosDAC in the amount of one to one. A snapshot of the blockchain will be produced on April 15, 2018, at 4:00 AM Moscow time. Wallets that have fewer than 100 EOS tokens will be able to receive eosDAC by sending a preliminary application.

Scatter (RIDL)

Scatter is a blockchain project that provides digital identification solutions and a system that provides authentication of the data and reputation of the user on all social networks and mobile applications associated with Scatter.

Information in Scatter is stored in the form of containers. The latter include information about the EOS account, name and surname, email, phone number, date of birth, and multiple addresses. These containers collect information about user actions on the network more efficiently than centralized applications, but they still leave the user with the right to anonymity through encryption. According to the developers, no third-party application will be able to access any confidential information without the user’s permission.

To get RIDL tokens, users need to create their own Scatter identifier and have EOS tokens on their accounts. According to the representatives of the project, each user who has fulfilled the conditions will receive 40 RIDL tokens.

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