The first multi-format festival Next

24 March on the campus of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO will host the first Practical Multiformat Business Festival NEXT, dedicated to Blockchain technology, investment and trade in crypto-currencies, and the preparation and conduct of ICO.

At present, the digital economy allows creating qualitatively new business models, manufacturing, financial control, changing the nature of interaction between people, and influencing the education and health system. The digital economy sets a new paradigm for the development of the state as a whole, with its own laws and rules.

Today, many market players are confident that the Blochhein technology will soon change the nature of the entire financial and legal market, making it more transparent and accessible to every user, and will also find application in those areas of public life where they are not yet familiar with this technology.

Theme and program of the event

Mission of the Festival Next– to take a step towards the absolute availability of the work of Blockchine technology, to demonstrate successful cases and developments, to show how successfully the market develops. The festival provides ample opportunities to promote their own projects of companies, establish business ties and search for potential investors.

We plan to collect 1500 participants, among them: Investors and Crypto-currency investment funds, stock exchanges; Project developers who are at the stage of preparing or conducting an ICO, and also successfully implemented it; Representatives of consulting companies that support players in the digital economy.

The main issues that we will analyze at the Festival: the era of digital economy: How to conquer the information jungle; World trends in the field of blockade. United States vs Russia; Implementation of cryptoeconomics. Changes in legislative regulation; Cryptotrading. Earnings strategies at Crypto-currency; Basic steps and mistakes in preparation; project to the ICO. Case study; Creating sustainable ICO Investments, etc.

Participants and speakers

Among the speakers are leading industry experts:
– Artem Tolkachev (Head of Legal Practice, Deloitte CIS, Head of Block Laboratory, Deloitte CIS)
– Alexey Arkhipov (Director for Development of Crypto-Technologies QIWI, Head of the Working Group of the Association "FinTech" for the development of products based on distributed registries)
– Vladislav Pivnev (Marketing Manager, ICOBox)
– Arthur Azizov (CEO and creator of B2Broker)
– Sergey Lukashkin (Ph.D., MBA, head of financial projects of VTB Bank), etc.

Experts of the RGU. G.V. Plekhanov together with the organizers of the Festival NEXT have developed a unique opportunity for all participants of the event, to purchase an Educational 6-hour intensive – a crypt class, devoted to the basics of working with block-technology crypto-currencies.
This is a full-fledged certified educational program, which is suitable for both beginners and professionals. All students receive a state certificate. a sample of the passage of the intensity.

You can get acquainted with the detailed program of the Festival and buy a ticket on the official website of the event.

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